We need a spirit wear coordinator to maintain inventory and distribute spirit wear to students and families. Click the Spirit Wear to sign up!

Work on our green school initiatives from recycling to beautifying the grounds. Click the Green School to sign up!

This might be our most important committee this year and can be done at anytime from home!

We may already have a chair of this committee but sign up to support her and support one of our favorite causes, reading!  Click Virtual Book Fair to sign up!

We will show appreciation year round and are hopeful we'll be able to have a true week of celebration this year. Click Teacher Appreciation to sign up!

This might be the most important committee we have this year that can be done anytime from anywhere.  Click Grants Committee to sign up!

Don't fret because fun community nights are still going to be had and this committee will have as much fun planning them as we will participating!

This will involve introducing our PTA to local businesses and asking them if they want to give tips- that's all!

Boograms are a fun opportunity we are carrying over into the virtual world that we'll be delivering a "boogram" to your doorstep.  You'll absolutely want in on this committee and what a fun way to connect with your community!

Want to talk to as few people as possible, on your own schedule, with maximum impact? This is the committee for you!  This is for the time crunched parent! We'll arm you with the tools and you're contribution will go a long way!

This is exactly what it sounds like, driving social media initiatives.  This is everything from WTOP contests to advocating for our schools causes.  If you have a smart phone, this committee is for you!

Readathon is what is taking place of Boosterthon this year and it's very similar but much more conducive to the virtual world.  Sign up and see what this awesome committee is all about!

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