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Ashley Benjamin


Ashley Benjamin is a nonprofit Director of Communications and Event Coordinator by day, adept at ensuring everything runs smoothly like buttercream on a freshly baked cake. With a double BA in business administration and pastry arts, she possesses the ability to whip up a spreadsheet as quickly as she can whip up a batch of French macarons. Currently, she is also pursuing an MBA at UMGC, adding yet another layer to her already impressive skill set.


Outside of her professional pursuits, Ashley is a devoted wife to a Bowie native and a loving mother to two fantastic girls - an incoming kindergartener and a rising 4th grader at Whitehall. But her contributions don't end there. By night, she transforms into a dedicated Girl Scout troop leader and a volunteer extraordinaire, always on the lookout for ways to make the world a better place, starting right in her own backyard at WES.


Ashley aspires to join the board not only to strengthen the relationship between her family and the school but also to ensure a prosperous and inclusive community for all families in Whitehall. Her passion for creating a better environment for everyone makes her a perfect candidate for such a crucial role.

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